Why us

Reasons to choose us

We understand

Once you make the decision to study at Australian Academy in beautiful Melbourne, we want you to be able to feel fully at home. We understand how important it is to have a nurturing and non-judgemental setting to be able to really, truly feel educated and empowered to learn. We also understand that life can be stressful, busy and demanding, so we always have our resident counsellor available for our students when they want support. There are many social events throughout the year that bring our student community together, so you will feel accepted and part of something special.

Smaller class size

Australian Academy staff make a point of ensuring classes are a manageable and effective size. While we pride ourselves on having a wide range of curriculum, we also can also assure our students that they will never be in a class bigger than 26. We firmly feel that this means they will get a unique and specially tailored approach that will allow them to flourish in their learning.

World-class facilities and location

Melbourne is a thriving, multicultural and exciting city, with so much to offer. We feel so appreciative to be able to offer our students the opportunity to live and work in a fun and extremely student-friendly place. Our facilities are expertly high-tech and are based in the CBD of the city, so everything you might need for your life and work will be close by, making your learning experience even more enjoyable.