Course credits

Credits, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and mutual recognition

Australian Academy offers students the opportunity to transfer the value of your pre-existing skills and qualifications. You can use Credit Transfer, Recognition of Prior Learning, Mutual Recognition or Course Credit processes.

Course credit

Skills that you have already gained during previous programs of study are also valued as Course Credit. It will be granted to students who can provide a Qualifications and Statements of Attainment from other education provisions that conduct Australian Nationally Recognized Training Courses. Students who apply for Course Credit using other evidence of competency will also be considered. In either case, these evidenciary documents must be presented before enrollment on the course. In some cases, the duration of student visa may be shortened due to the awarding of Course Credit.

Credit transfer

If you have previously completed study elsewhere, you can receive Credit Transfer. You must be enrolled in a relevant programme and will be offered this process if you are able to provide Australian Academy with certified copies of the relevant qualifications, Statement of Results, Statement of Attainment. A Credit Transfer Application Form must also be completed. For further information visit Credit Transfer Policy.

Recognition of prior learning (RPL)

Your current skills and experience is also values as RPL. Regardless of where this learning took place, you can provide information of either formal or informal training experiences to offer proof of this prior learning. Please visit RPL Policy and Procedure for more information.

Mutual recognition

If you can present a Statement of Attainment from another Registered Training Organisation to show you have already completed units of competency you will be granted Mutual Recognition. Copies of qualifications must also be provided as well as the application form.

Appeals to credits, recognition of prior learning (RPL) and mutual recognition assessments

If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the assessment then they can access the college’s complaints and appeals process. (Please visit Australian Academy Complaint and Appeal Policy)

Australia’s consumer protection law

This policy and the availability of complaints and appeals processes does not remove the right of a student to take further action under Australia’s Consumer Protection Law.