Student service

Whether you are deep into your studies and deadlines, or trying to take some well earned rest, we aim to help you fully enjoy your experience in Melbourne. Our dedicated staff are always available should you need them for anything; accommodation, learning or anything else that may be required.

Before you arrive…

When you arrive in Australia, our Student Services staff are already one step ahead of your needs. They are intent on making sure you settle in quickly and easily into Australian student life. You will be given the Australian Academy Handbook that has everything you need to make an independent start; transport info, food services, shopping updates, as well as much needed health, emergency and legal services that are available. 

Arrival assistance

We even have a Student Welcome Desk at Melbourne Airport which is visible when you arrive. Run by the Victorian government, it offers vital information on arrival. For Student Welcome Desk opening hours, visit


This is a wonderful event where you will meet all your fellow students, be introduced to the staff, and general familiarise yourself with the campus. It is a great opportunity to find out everything you need and to ask as many questions as you wish to.

Student activities

Life at college would not be complete without those much needed social events and gatherings. They allow us to make friends and connections and to unwind and relax during our studies. We offer a lively and colorful social calendar which is updated monthly with a wide range of activities and social events. It really helps our students feel at home and to begin to explore the city with new friends. From Pizza Nights, Cupcake Days and even Bingo Parties (with prizes!) there is so much to fit in.

Counselling services

Mental health and well being is valued above all else at Australian Academy. We have a wonderful resident counsellor who is always available for confidential support and guidance. For those difficult situations that we sometimes find ourselves in, our experienced counsellor is on hand for counselling, welfare and grievance resolution also. You can make a booking very simply with the front desk staff.

From start to finish

While studying at Australian Academy, our amazing Student Support Services will become like a large, supportive family. They will make sure you achieve your fullest potential, keep you safe, happy and healthy throughout your studies. Every step of the way, we will be with you – supporting, guiding and encouraging. We even award a Student of the Month certificate to recognise students for their outstanding academic achievement. You could be that student!