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A warm welcome to Australian Academy.

As educators, we pride ourselves on offering a truly exemplary education for our international students. On Lonsdale Street in the thriving centre of Melbourne, you will find our brand new campus that is continually growing and expanding to accommodate our ever-growing student body. We currently cater for students and each of them enjoys learning in the most professional, modern and fully equipped classrooms that any campus can offer. We work each day to our fullest to provide qualifications that are nationally recognised in the Business and HR industry.

We have employed only the most experienced, highly qualified and knowledgeable staff so that we can aim high for all of our students. We want them to gain as much confidence, understanding and to grow in passion for their subject. Our students tell us that their education at Australian Academy empowers and inspires them to succeed.

We believe that our commitment to excellence makes us unique.

We don’t just educate, we help to pave the way towards future career ambitions.
We celebrate diversity and friendship, learning and progress, and our campus is ready and waiting for you to start.