Orientation and induction

Induction day

On induction day students are given a Student Handbook and on the orientation day, students will be conducting the following activities:


Identify relevant staff and locations


Introduction to the course (content, qualification gained, pathways)


Completed and signed Enrolment Form


Completed and signed Behavioural Standards Agreement


Completed and signed Excursion Form ( if applicable)


Distribute and explain Training Plan and Term Dates


Student Orientation Handbook issued and explained


International Student Handbook explained


Advise on RPL and Credit Transfer


Campus Tour ( explain facilities and resources available to students)

Policies and procedures will also be explained relating to:

Attendance requirements and process regarding non-attendance

Course progress policy and procedure

Disability Policy

Plagiarism Policy

Advise on legal services available to students

Emergency and health services

Complaint and appeal process

Course details

Assessment (including variation and re-assessment)

Delivery options (if applicable)

Disciplinary action

Dress (where applicable)

OH&S (including evacuation procedures and location)

Issuance of qualifications and Statements of Attainment

Refund policy

All legislation that may affect students

Student Visa obligations

Explanation of Policies and Procedures

ESOS rights and responsibilities

Student welfare services

Role of student support team

How to access staff

Explanation on how to access teachers