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At Australian Academy, you can achieve a Certificate IV and Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management, depending on the career path you wish to follow. Once you have made your selection, the possibilities are endless.

Practical and

Our trainers always ensure that their syllabus is created with up-to-date, relevant knowledge of their industry. They are well-versed in current developments and updates and are always revising and enhancing their curriculum to ensure they are delivering a fresh and applicable programme. They continually work alongside industry specialists and consult with them to ensure their subject is totally up to date business courses in Melbourne .

Along with this, any core units or electives are also geared towards business and are industry-specific. They will always include not just theoretical, but practical elements, so that students can feel empowered through experiential learning. Our business courses in Melbourne are specifically developed towards your finish line. We keep things relevant for your future industry, your career ambitions, or future education opportunities.

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BSB40120-Certificate IV in Business


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BSB50120-Diploma of Business